Youth - Sr. High

Bayfair Baptist Sr. High Youth Ministry (Grades 9-12)

 CIA (Christians in Action)

CIA weekly meetings are every Friday from 7-9 pm.


For more information please contact Dave Espeut at 905-839-4621 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Twitter: @CIA_Bayfair




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Bayfair Baptist Church’s youth ministry is designed for two purposes.

The first is to give solid, Biblical teaching that will foster a deeper understanding of God, a deeper relationship with God and a more comprehensive Biblical Worldview in our youth. In order to achieve this, it is important for youth to have an understanding of the Gospel of Christ which is why every year we teach about the good news of Christ’s death, and resurrection. If a student is with us for only one year we want to make sure that they have heard the gospel. It is also important for youth to have an understanding of the “big picture” of the Bible, to understand God’s story in history. This is why our 6-year teaching curriculum covers from Genesis to Revelation and a lot of what is in between. If a student is with us for all 6 years of youth ministry we want to make sure that they have heard the story of the entire Scriptures.

The second purpose of Bayfair’s youth ministry is to allow youth to build community and friendships with each other as an early step in learning to be Christ’s Church. We hope to achieve this through group service projects, creative activities and sometimes even just being silly and having fun together. Our fun activities are designed to appeal to youth with diverse interests in the hope that we can continue to have common ground and love each other in Christ. In order to meet the needs of our youth with the resources we have, our youth programs are split up into Jr. High and Sr. High programs as well as some joint activities for both groups.